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    Texas Stadium - 16 October 1992
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  1. eriksullivan

    Houston May 24 #U2TheJoshuaTree2017 Live Thread

    Wow in line already. I better get down there. Once inside where is everyone hoping to get a spot at?
  2. eriksullivan

    Tampa tickets

    I have 2 GA's and it looks like I can't go. Sad that the tickets will go to waste.
  3. eriksullivan

    Got Tix! Smoothest Presale Ever!

    I got 2 GAs in Tampa and 2 GAs in Houston with no issues using the app
  4. eriksullivan

    Houston - GA?

    I just got 2
  5. eriksullivan

    Where are our pre-sale codes? (MERGED)

    Mine says Member Since 25 Jan 2013 thats BS I haven been a member since 2005 when this first started