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  1. scottishgaz

    U2 Mecca....Dublin!!

    Flying in from Scotland. Seen the lads at Stade De France for 360 Tour in 2010, then was meant to be at I&E Tour in Paris on November 2015 with my brother (his first gig) but wasn't for obvious reasons. So my brother and I will be in the RedZone in Dublin - what a first gig for him!! I cannot wait.
  2. scottishgaz

    Where are you staying ?

    I a single bedroom. Are you using both bedrooms. My friend needs one Pollyanna, yes i am using both rooms - but check out the above post from Spongebob, he may be able to help!
  3. scottishgaz

    Where are you staying ?

    I got a Two-Bedroom Apartment @ Trinity College Campus Accommodation for €162 per night. Bargain! Anyone else staying @ TCC?
  4. scottishgaz

    Red Zone Dublin

    I got 2 RedZone tickets for Dublin at 9am on Wed. No issues. Logged in to, tours page - link to tickets for Dublin. 8:55. The timer ran down 5 mins, refreshed at 9am, and I got 2 RedZone tickets straight away. Did not need my pre-sale code, although I'm pretty sure they will count against my pre-sale amount. Cannot Wait!!
  5. scottishgaz

    Ticket Holders

    Nice one! First time in ROI, will be a great weekend!
  6. scottishgaz

    Ticket Holders

    Im sure I will. My brother and I were due to fly to Paris in 2015, when it all kicked off on the friday evening - couldn't make the rescheduled date three weeks later - so this will make up for it!!
  7. scottishgaz

    Ticket Holders

    When? This morning? Aye. Went on the link from Tours page when I was signed in, at 8:55. Took me to ticketmaster and I waited with the countdown timer 5 mins - it reloaded at 9am, and I managed to get RedZone tickets straight away.
  8. scottishgaz

    Ticket Holders

    RedZone! absolutely Buzzing!
  9. scottishgaz

    Additional shows......?

    My London ones end in UK5, and I'd be surprised if they're planning to add four more shows! Notice it is "UK" 5 though... That may mean they add Scotland, Wales, 2nd London, 2nd Dublin?!
  10. scottishgaz

    Was anyone able to buy RedZone Today?

    I got two Redzone tickets for Dublin at 9am, no issues.
  11. scottishgaz

    Red Zone/VIP

    I got RedZone tickets for Dublin with no issues at 9am. I used the link from the Tours page, when signed in to my U2 account. I guess that would register that I was eligible for the pre-sale.
  12. scottishgaz

    Croke Park 2017 - REDZONE

    Woohoo!! Got my REDZONE tickets for TJT30 @ Croke Park this summer!! Who's all going?
  13. Croke Park RED ZONE!!! Roll on July!! #TJT30

    1. jennieb


      Fab...did Red Zone at 360, not so lucky this time

    2. jennieb


      Fab...did Red Zone at 360, not so lucky this time

    3. jennieb


      Fab...did Red Zone at 360, not so lucky this time

  14. scottishgaz

    Croke Park GA

    You have to remember though, the stage for the 360 Tour was massive. And the back of it started on the pitch, as a temporary stand was put up. he stage this summer will be where the stand was for 360, leaving the whole length of the pitch for GA. So I can definitely see there being two price categories and two sections in GA. [iMO].
  15. scottishgaz

    Croke Park GA

    Not 100 Not 100% sure but there are two figures mentioned on TM for GA Tickets - pitch 1 and pitch 2 are most likely different priced categories. I know they both have separate entry points, so guessing there will be some form of security/barrier in place.