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  1. I got 1 GA for LA using the Ticketmaster app on my phone. I had the TM website up on my laptop and started the process, but ran into an error when selecting ticket options. From what I saw, there was nothing clearly noted as "General Admission" when first selecting seats - just "Floor Seats", and then I selected the less expensive of the two options (I think $81 and $330 were the prices that came up for floor). They did appear within bg the process as GA before I completed the purchase.
  2. Couldn't agree more. I've done the GA line-up thing many times for many different bands, and I don't think I've ever seen it handled better, especially for a show (and line) of this magnitude. I was there early both days, and was very impressed with how supportive, friendly, and communicative all of the security folks were. From telling us where to go to get wristbands/numbers in the line to encouraging us to keep drinking water in order to fight the heat to randomly coming over to small groups in the line to make sure everyone understood the GA process and knew what was going on, it really felt like they were there to support us rather than police us. Heck, one woman (probably my favorite of the bunch) was even warning us to "watch for ants falling out of the trees in the parking lot". Ha! Sunday night as we were lead down the ramp onto the field, there was a group of security high-fiving us as we went by, and they seemed legitimately excited for us. That made it all really special, and I certainly appreciate how well it was handled. Also, I'm not sure how it was for anyone else, but parking in the GA lot was a breeze! I arrived early enough in the morning that getting in wasn't a problem, but while I expected a nightmare getting out like in '09, both nights I was able to pull out of the lot with no wait at all - it was like I had found a secret exit! The traffic on the road outside was minimal, and both nights it was only a few minutes until I was on the freeway and headed home. It was a great way to cap off two tremendous nights of awesomeness!
  3. My devil's advocate response to this is, if the line for Saturday's show begins more than 48 hours prior to the show, then whey do the Sunday people have to wait until a designated time just 24 hours or so early? Why can't they start theirs now as well?
  4. What exactly are the "rules" for these days-early unofficial lineups? Is there a Sunday line as well, or does that one not start until Saturday's show is over? If so, is that fair for people who have GA for Sunday but not Saturday? I'm all for lining up for GA, but it's ridiculous to me when they start more than a day early and you can just sign your name and then leave for 12+ hours.
  5. I sent a tweet to the Rose Bowl today saying that it would be much better for everyone if the lots opened up much earlier since there will be so many people lining up early for GA. Hopefully they come to their senses. I'm not big on parking far away for this because if we're in line for ten or so hours, it's nice to have access to the car to bring back chairs/sunscreen/sunglasses/whatever else we may have with us that we don't want to bring inside.
  6. I'm hoping that they hear the grumbling from the U2 fans who plan on arriving early to line up for GA and change the time the lot opens. I was there for the show in 2009, and while I don't remember the specific time the main lot opened, it was open when I arrived sometime around 8am. Having it open at 2:30, and then asking in the email for everyone to arrive by 4:30? That's going to lead to a cluster f, and the GA folks (myself included) will cause chaos trying to find parking in the surrounding neighborhoods (because there ain't much to be found).
  7. Did anyone else here see the young boy who was wildly dancing in the seats (Adam side of the arena) before the show started? )It was mildly entertaining, at least at first). I saw this commercial on tv the other day, and am really thinking that it might have been the same kid: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=dCjUkcZMw_M
  8. THANK YOU FOR THE OPPORTUNITY BIGWAVE! cheers! ^^^^ What he said!
  9. I've been calling and calling and calling KROQ trying to win these damn tickets, and I can't even get through as the wrong caller number, let alone as the winning #20. If you've won and are looking for someone to go with you who can offer you a ride to and from the show, arrive super early to get a good spot in line, buy you breakfast/lunch/dinner, or whatever else it'll take, I'm the one for you. Of course I'm also willing to pay some dough for these if that's what you're looking for, so if you'd love to help a real fan get into the show of a lifetime, please get in touch and make it happen! Thank you very much, and hope to see you next Thursday!
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