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  1. This is one of the best gifts for subscribers in a long time. I am glad we are not getting the vinyl releases anymore. That said, U2 could be better providing members downloads more often. It's not a huge deal to provide more live shows from the '80s to the latest tours. I am sure the catalog they have on vaults is enormous. Just get it out and give the hardcore fans something to cheer about. While I am looking forward to seeing the entire print package, I think through the membership year U2 could very well gift away these concerts consistently.
  2. yep, like I said this is one of the best gifts they are offering. The vinyls are useless to me and they always seem a cheap way out of giving something substantial. I like the idea of giving full concerts downloads. They have all that audio sitting in some vault. Share with fans and create cool packages that later they can sell at a price that can make a profit. I love U2 but feel the membership should be able to offer way more than they do.
  3. These subscribers gifts are usually lame. Once we get a good one is this endless wait. At least they should release all tracks to download if the issue is putting together the package for distribution. Come on U2.com, you guys can do better than that.
  4. I am fine waiting for them to create a great product (CD/Print). With that said, they could have release all the tracks as "download only" by now. I would think by this time all the audio production would be finalized. Anyway, I am just glad they are giving a solid gift for members at this time and not some of the old weak gifts of years past.
  5. Nice that U2 is giving a substantial gift for the subscribers. The last couple years have been very weak. On another note, I'm surprised that TJT tour is not yet released on video. That would be perfect timing for this Xmas season and next year having the E+I video release too. I hope we will see the complete concert for these last two tours.
  6. Some tours they had the EU program with tons of US live concert photos, something that the US tour did not for obvious reasons. other tours both programs were the same with only the tour dates and locations different.
  7. Is the U2 ei European tour program different than the US one? just curious. I have the US one and wondering about. If anyone has seen both and can clarify, I would appreciate. Thanks U2 EXPERIENCE + INNOCENCE EUROPEAN TOUR PROGRAM
  8. No doubt, as far as I remember most U2 albums at first I wasn't impressed and then start to love them. On SOE few tracks I am just not sure. That said, I agreed that we are blessed as fans on having U2 around after all these years making albums and having tours. I think they will be like the Rolling Stones touring until their late 70's.
  9. I think some of the new songs will be great on the tour. Playing live is one of the strongest U2 assets. But honestly, few songs on the album are just weak. I have listened few times now, some songs are growing on me but others are really don't care at all. U2 needs to bring Eno and Lanois back.
  10. Just listened. There are some good songs but I don't think this is as good as I+E. Overall is OK. Maybe it will grow on me. The good news is most U2 albums that I love started that way, the first time I heard I wasn't blown away. So, I am optimistic.
  11. By the way, I am sure more shows will be added. For the LA show they are happening with 11 days between Las Vegas and Chicago. So for sure LA will have at least two more shows added. I just don't understand why they just announced one show for the big markets. They know tickets will be sold out quickly. So why not have more shows already planned so people can make their plans in advance. The LA show is o a Tuesday but I would rather go for a Friday or weekend.
  12. Yep GA for the Forum is perfect. I also did it for I&E and it was fine. I arrived not so early and head a great position very close to the catwalk. I think Red Zone is a rip. Maybe worth for TJT but for smaller arenas not worth it unless you have the money to burn.
  13. Every tour is this same crap. Fans here are pissed of and TM has many issues. It's amazing how many years have passed and nobody can figure out a way to make this experience better. Bunch of incompetents. That said, I have had a bad experience trying to get my tickets today using the TM website. The access code page would not load and it got me stuck. Luckily I was ready using the TM app on my iPhone. That worked well but for few minutes I was about to have an heart attack. I love U2 but I think since Oseary took over the management they are becoming too greedy. U2 is entitled to make as much money as they can but sometimes I feel they try to hard. My 2 cents.
  14. Got two GA tickets for the LA show. The computer website process was screwed. The access code page would not load. I was already prepared to any possible hiccups so had my TM app on my iPhone ready and was able to get that going well. and the process was better that way. Come on TM, get your act together.
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