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  1. Just wanted to check in and see if the floor directions worked for you?

    1. adge80



      sorry not available to answer before.

      are u still interrested ?

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    Montreal Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Agree with dmway althought they started no later than a few minutes after 8:30. If you arrive at 8:45 you'll miss at least the first few songs. Official start time is 8 pm, no opening act. So they could actually start earlier than 8:30. I check the time stamp on the photos on my phone, and I can tell you that they were playing I Will Follow, which was the fourth song in the set list both nights in Montreal, at 8:43 on Wednesday and 8:48 on Tuesday. Security can be tight getting in, with inevitable delays, so don't leave it too late.
  3. BillHenderson

    Montreal Live Thread #U2eiTour

    I have two extra red zones I can’t use and am standing outside the red zone entrance if anyone wants to buy them at a bit of a discount to face value
  4. BillHenderson

    Red Zone Directions Sent Yet?

    I got it as well.
  5. BillHenderson

    Being On The Skinny Rail Worth It?

    When in the set list do they move to the B stage?
  6. I'd separate out the issue of whether the verified process worked to slow down scalpers/bots versus whether prices are too high or not. My sense is that the system did work far better than past sales to limit scalpers - limit, not prevent being the key. For scalpers to game the new system, they needed both memberships in the fan club and one cell number per membership. That starts to run up costs and complexity in a way that isn't easy to work around. In my case, despite not working my way to the correct site until 15 or 20 minutes after the Experience presale had started, I still got some Red Zones, and my daughter got good seats in the lower level at the start of the Innocence presale. Some past sales all of those good tickets were gone much faster. Fewer scalpers? I think so. Prices too high? Possibly.
  7. Curious. Do I remember correctly that additional dates were added the same day tickets went on sale during past tours? I haven’t seen any new nights added yet. Am I missing something?
  8. BillHenderson

    Best presale ever

    What is missing is data. It is one thing if there are 3,000 GA tickets, and 2,500 were bought by 1,500 Experience group fans on day 1, and the remaining 500 went in the first minute of the Innocence group. It is altogether a different thing if there are 3,000 GA tickets at a venue and 400 went to Experience group, 400 to Innocence group and 2,200 are going to other buyers. I'm making the numbers up, but the principle is that some transparency and facts might solve some of the anger... The absence of transparency and facts fuels speculation and suspicion. If the facts show the most prized tickets went to the Experience group, and that the Innocence group had the next shot at the best seats ahead of Citigroup and general sales, no one would have much to complain about. But if that is really the case....why don't they report it as such?
  9. BillHenderson

    Is trading tickets common on this web site and safe?

    I can let a moderator confirm for sure, but they're busy with a few other things right now. There are lots of tickets that change hands between fan club members, and I've not personally heard of problems, but the sacrosanct rule is only at face value. I once volunteered a donation to Red to try to get a Red Zone ticket and was appropriately, in retrospect, advised that was offside. I bought a Red Zone for JY30 from another fan, but we were both at the show, and I just prearranged meeting them at the Red Zone entrance. I'm sure you'd be fine swapping GA's to different venues in terms of the rules, although you have to be careful around credit card entry requirements if those are in place and actually enforced at your venue.
  10. BillHenderson

    Different Stage Set-up?

    And I have RZ in Montreal and if that was the stage - well I would wonder where the RZ is! Per another discussion thread, the band has always innovated with stage, sound and visuals for every new tour. Hard to see how they could top the Innocence set up for an arena, but boy it would be cool to see them do it. I agree that the specific stage layout you posted is certainly not a generic one. Very interesting indeed.
  11. BillHenderson

    Do you feel as being ripped of ?

    Precisely! Couldn't have said it better myself. I'm not at 50 shows, but I have never once walked out of one of their shows thinking to myself, "Well, that was not good value", and I've paid more each time. I don't mind paying premium prices for premium products - and compared to others their prices aren't really a premium to other acts. I don't mind the price - but jeez, you'd think they could've got the fan purchase process figured out by now. That drives me nuts each time, although in this case it was better than most for me albeit that is not true for some. That's probably why they have such a big lag between ticket sales and shows. By the time you get to the show, you've forgotten most of the stress, anxiety, frustration and increasingly anger about their inability to get it right.
  12. Max, Mich and Big Wave, I suspect I know the answer to this, but it would be great to get the people responsible to admit to their mistakes and talk about what they will do to fix it next time. As you know better than all of us, every presale has had big problems, although this one appears to have taken them to new heights. In what appeared to have been an attempt to fix some of the past problems they created even more this time. Acknowledging it and talking about how to fix it won't change anything for the hundreds of people who lost out this time - but it would still be the right thing to do. Also, this time the screw up was large enough that the band really should say something. Previous times most of the anger was directed toward Ticketmaster and Live Nation. This time there has been, to my recollection at least, a real change. A lot more people are calling out the band. If, as a previous poster indicated, they sold off a lot of the tour and merchandise side of the business, perhaps they need to admit their disappointment with how it has worked. They at least need to let their most loyal fans know this isn't acceptable to them. Those of us who have been long time fans know that one of the things that always used to differentiate the band was how they treated and cared about their fans. Most of us have first or second hand stories about things they've done to prove that. But remaining quiet on this one would suggest that either they don't care the way they used to; aren't aware of how many of their serious fans have been f@cked over this time; or they have some kind of contractual gag order about commenting about TM and LN.. This one was big enough the band should say something - either on these forums or in a post on the site like the "This we never imagine" one recently. If the guys in the band still care, and I would like to believe they do, they should spend a bit of time reading through the forums, This royal screw up is not the only thing over the past few years that suggest they may have slipped out of touch with how fans are feeling. Ideally people are working hard to get those who got screwed out of tickets proper compensation. But most of us will doubt that is happening. And the deafening silence from the "powers that be" just raises the question of whether anyone other than the three of you know and care. Thanks for all you have done and try to do. No need to respond. All I ask is that you pass this along. What TM, LN and U2 do next will tell us what they really think of it. (Note: I say all this as a fan that had a really good experience this time. My concern is not personal. It is a concern for other fans and a concern that a cornerstone of what I have always really admired about the band seems to be slipping away.)
  13. BillHenderson

    Last tour for a while?

    yup, watched that interview with interest at the time. I guess my feeling is, if band members wanted to pack it in, the summary to date that is Songs of Innocence and Experience would be good timing. I remain optimistic that you are right and they have a lot more they want to say and sing. But someday this will all end, and we're closer to that point now than in the past. Gotta enjoy it while we can.
  14. BillHenderson

    Last tour for a while?

    I confess to having occasionally thought that if the band was going to pack it in, the Innocence and Experience albums would be the ideal way to wrap it all up. I sure hope that's not the case, but they've really done everything there is to do in Rock n Roll, and eventually everybody retires. Probable? Maybe not. But definitely possible. And more likely now than after No Line. I treat every tour as if it could be the last one. When it eventually is over, fewer regrets that way.
  15. BillHenderson

    Do you feel as being ripped of ?

    I'm in the camp of, "This is what it costs these days". Prices are supply and demand. If they weren't selling out each and every show, it would be fair to say the tickets are overpriced. But so long as they're selling out, pricing to "what the market will bear." is a reasonable approach. And I echo the comments that at least U2 is spending on the show and tech to support it. The Innocence tour staging, screen and sound system was the most innovative thing anyone's done on an arena tour that I am aware of. I think their sound system won awards and is being adopted by others. The end to end stage gave up precious space that could have been sold to ticket buyers, but turned all those seats at the"other end" of the arena into great seats for part of the show. And the screen for innocence....well nothing has come close in other arena tours. And then for this year's JT tour, they come out with the biggest, highest def screen ever, with outstanding visuals. Sure, the ticket prices are crazy. But when performers can't make money selling albums anymore, it is driving prices up for everyone as pointed our above. At least U2 is trying to continually improve and innovate the experience.
  16. BillHenderson

    More Nights Please!

    There is a chance, but unlikely I think. If they were planning Toronto, you'd think they'd have included it from the start as they always have in the past. It may be an issue with ACC availability with NHL and NBA playoffs both on at the same time. If you were at the JT show in Toronto, it was clear that Bono was having a "special night" between the Cohen tributes and talking the rest of the band into an extra encore song, so I doubt they wanted to avoid TO. Scheduling seems like the most likely explanation, and that won't change in a month or two. I opted to get tickets in Montreal. It's a great place to visit anyways!. I think the best shot at TO dates is if they come back to North American after the European Tour. That is what they did with 360 and it is possible this time around for sure.
  17. Keep the faith gordohk. Next time round (and odds are they'll do a second swing through North American on this tour) you will likely move up to the first presale group, and there are always GA's for that group. Also, you could register for the general fan sale and maybe pick up some GA's for this tour that way, if you get lucky. Especially if they add nights at some of the locations. Lastly, keep your eyes on the forums in the month or two before the actual show. There will often be people who have had plans change and have to unload some tickets. And here it is always at list price.
  18. BillHenderson

    Montreal is going to ROCK June 5th!

    I've got a feeling Evenko was much smoother than others. Sounds like the overall presale was a bigger gong show than it normally is, and that is saying something. But this one was the smoothest ever for me. Monday I nailed two Red Zones, and today i got my daughter's tickets (she was in an exam) as part of the innocence group. Easy both times (well, after finding the way to the correct link, and having to use my very rusty highschool french on line). It's gonna be great! Hopefully closer in someone will post what bar the preshow party will be at!
  19. It's really disappointing to see this happening to Experience members. They need to find a way of making it right. And they need to figure the whole presale thing our better. Every tour it is the same. Things just don't work they way they should. I think a LOT of the problem is Ticketmaster and LiveNation. They have little incentive to really fix things, as they get paid either way. FInding a solution to this simply can't be that hard - it's not like U2 is the only band that people get so excited about going to see and where they need a good solution to Scalper's Bots. I had problems on the 360 preorder, Innocence went smoothly, then JT was a big problem. This one was actually the best experience I've ever had. Got the codes, and got the tickets I wanted with less wait time and hassle than ever before. But that clearly isn't everyone's experience...but it should be!
  20. bschamberlain, that is just unfair. Being abusive to the moderators here is seriously offside. Try to put yourself in their shoes. All they can do is pass feedback on. They don't control anything other than these forums - and the fact they haven't shut you out speaks to how hard they work to try to make up for deficiencies at ticketmaster, scalpers, and other issues with presales and sales. Search the forums and you will see they have always done a great job of trying to sort things out for people by directing them where they need to go, and making issues know to "the powers that be". I can tell you they have helped me out with issues a number of times. You owe them an apology. By all means, be abusive to ticket master. 95% of the world will agree with you. Feel free to rant about the band's management. Lots will agree with you. They clearly tried to solve an ongoing problems with scalper's bots, and the solution had serious problems. At one time or another, we've all been super frustrated by a presale. Blowing off steam at those responsible who should have done a better job is fair. But leave the moderators out of it.
  21. BillHenderson

    Innocence emails

    gpmakecki is right on the money with the credit to the mods! They do a great job trying to help with things beyond their control. Big Wave has solved many a problem for many a subscriber in the past. Even a thankless job deserves thanks from time to time. Thanks Big Wave! (But I'm not sure that sleeping like a baby is the reference you want to make on a U2 forum post SoI )
  22. BillHenderson

    Innocence emails

    Just a bit of encouragement for everyone ahead of the 1:00 pm presale open. I got Experience tickets yesterday and am waiting around to get Innocence ones today for my daughter who is writing an exam. The actual ticket purchase process yesterday was my best ever. (JT, SoI (twice), 360(Twice) and Vertigo). The site was faster and all the "beat the Bots" process seemed to work as there were still good tickets readily available 10 minutes into the presale. They had technical issues yesterday, although not as bad as today, so there may be light at the end of the tunnel for you. Don't let it go out.
  23. BillHenderson

    Innocence emails

    Thanks Big Wave! Your answered even before I finished typing my question! You're psychic. Sorry for what you and the other moderators must be going through today!
  24. BillHenderson

    Innocence emails

    When does the presale begin? I thought 10 am local time (Montreal), but I just got my codes and the site isn't accepting them yet.