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  1. I paid $395 each for two (need 3, but whatever) It's also RZ1 and we wanted RZ2 (really, not complaining!) I wonder if they'll let us go back and forth????
  2. Is it wishful thinking to think that more RZ will be released for San Diego today (or tomorrow?) or should I just go ahead and buy seats (don't want regular GA -- too old for that ;)) What would you do?
  3. Thank you so much. Going to try for 2 RZ with the new code and 1 with the old . . . different cards. Hope it works!
  4. Two questions: 1. My husband and I are both paying subscribers. We already used one code to buy 3 tickets to the Rose Bowl. If we buy 3 tickets to SD will we be flagged for being in the same household? 2. I saw earlier in the thread that the code only allows 2 Red Zone tickets? Really? We need 3. I would hate to use 2 from the unused code and the last 1 from the other code and then be flagged . . . . my dad loves U2 and the JT and this will probably be his last concert -- would hate for that to be ruined. Thanks for all of you help mods, you really had your hands full today (and yes, I read all 36 pages!)
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