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    The Unforgettable Fire Tour – December 16, 1984 — Long Beach Arena
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  1. aladinsane1969

    2 GA tickets for Rose Bowl 5/20 face value

    Still waiting for his reply....
  2. aladinsane1969

    I have one GA for 5/21/17

    Sold! I'll PM you directly!
  3. aladinsane1969

    2 GA tickets for Rose Bowl 5/20 face value

    Hey Scott, PM sent!
  4. PM sent; I'll take them!
  5. Hi Andrew; is the ticket still available?
  6. aladinsane1969

    GA vs Sec 17H Row 2 (5th row) (Adam side)

    I happen to be said friend, and I second that! :-)
  7. aladinsane1969

    IMPORTANT! Stage layout is reversed!

    Which is the exact opposite of what the OP said.
  8. aladinsane1969

    IMPORTANT! Stage layout is reversed!

    Well my tix for that night are in 221, so I guess I lucked out.
  9. aladinsane1969

    IMPORTANT! Stage layout is reversed!

    Just curious—what made you think 101 would face the stage and 118 would be behind? From where they display the Red Zones, I always figured 118 would face it and 101 would be behind. It's cool that they're willing to swap your tickets, though! Did they make you pay the difference if the new tix were more expensive?
  10. aladinsane1969

    Extra Fan Club GA Ticket for Forum - Saturday, May 30th

    If you still have it, I have a friend who wants it for sure. I just sent you a PM with my contact information so we can work out the details. Thanks!
  11. Spot on, Man. What irks me the most about this is the flat-out lie they're telling in the FAQ. I've been a fan club member since Propaganda, and up to this point, we ALWAYS got to buy four presale tickets to each each leg of the tour, indoors or out. If you're going to screw us over, please don't add insult to injury by lying to us as well.