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  1. Sold them near immediately, sorry did not have time to amend the post... noting it now...
  2. Family needs require that I sell my 2 GA tickets for Sunday 6/25 show at Gillette Stadium. I am in NY's Saratoga/Lake George area and can meet locally, ship them to you, or possibly meet Friday as I travel downstate to family. My total Ticketmaster cost with fees was $190. I am asking for that cost plus shipping via USPS in any fashion that you prefer (overnight, priority etc). Payment requested up front via Paypal. We can talk and discuss how you can feel comfortable with the arrangement if you have concerns. We can talk on the phone and I have a public online presence that you can see. Please reply if interested. -Dave
  3. Have one GA for the 23rd but must have one for the 26th in exchange. This is not what you are hoping for I know, but thought I should chime in in case you may want to consider this later as you get your tickets lined up. - Dave
  4. I made an earlier post seeking to swap my 7/23 GA for 7/26 GA but now want to add that I also have a 7/31 GA I would swap for a second 7/26. I would consider accepting reserved mid arena as well. Please pm me if you want to make a trade. Thanks! -Dave
  5. I have one GA hard ticket for 7/23 I'd like to swap for 7/26. Looking for GA but would consider mid arena reserved also. Thanks! Dave
  6. If you still have this ticket and have a clear asking price please private message me. Thanks!
  7. I would trade my GA pair on either the 22nd or 23rd for your GA pair on 7/30. Maybe trade one GA from each the 22nd & 23rd for a GA pair on 7/30.
  8. I have 2 GA for 7/22 to trade for 2 GA for 7/30. Interested? I also have 2 GA 7/23 I could trade for 2 GA 7/30
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