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  1. Great thing to be part of thanks peeps
  2. It's still all sinking in... Feels a bit like a dream but I've seen video evidence that this actually happened!!!! Anyway here we go: Friday night I got to participate in something really special thanks to U2.com and bigwave. Being part of the TFI Friday audience was a fantastic experience on so many levels. I've been at the front for a lot of gigs (U2 ones included) but this was something different. It was like you were on the stage with them. I thought the atmosphere was electric and the band were on top form. We were treated to four fantastic songs. Loved hearing Raised By Wolves and Out Of Control, which was out of control! It was also a great opportunity for me to hear some new music. I hope that someone signs Sound Of The Siren as they are definitely my cup of tea. When The Edge invents immortality he best share the secret so that I can be there at every show singing along and supporting them.
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