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  1. So I am a member of u2.com and paid to purchase General Admission Floor seats. This is done through ticketmaster and you have to use your credit card to claim your tickets. Well...it was an EPIC disaster at the Vancouver U2 show on 5/12. SUPER long delays for those who did not have paper tickets. HELLO U2 and Tickermaster!!!! Take ownership and FIX this. It is quite simple. You can pick up your paper tickets the day of the show and then let fans enter like all the other fans with paper tickets. Having people wait in LONG lines and miss the show because ticketmaster does not have their act together is WRONG. U2 the Band needs to take ownership too! They chose to let Ticketmaster use this new methodology that is causing the problem.
  2. Can someone explain the fiasco over floor seats purchase using the new system where you claim your tickets with a credit card? I heard this did not work. It would make way more sense to let people pick up there tick the day of the concert and then enter the stadium w/ everyone else.
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