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  1. Tickets have been sold.... thanks for your interest.
  2. Hello... I am selling 2 GAs for Forum show 6/3. I do not have the tickets in hand but will have them the day of the show. I will be there the day of the show - a friend surprised me with Red Zone tickets so I am offloading these for what I paid for them. Please email me if you are interested. Tickets are face value $88 each. Aaron
  3. Does anyone have 2 lower level seats they want to trade for 2 PIT? Please PM me if you have them... they must be good seats. I want to take a date and she is not looking forward to get to the Forum at 2 or 3am to get in line. Let me know if you do... I know I know I am stupid but what I would not do for this gal.
  4. Anyone have 1 GA ticket to sell? I am looking for 1. Message me if you do. Thanks so much. Lame ticketmaster kicked me out when I was checking out with my 2 tickets. So upset....
  5. I am looking for 2 tickets if anyone is selling 2 tickets. So bummed I could not get GA. So sad... send me a message if you have 2 tickets for sale. Thx.
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