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  1. So much unnecessary drama created by U2.com in the name of sucking extra subscription dollars before subs even expire. Simple is usually better. How about if you’re a subscriber when codes are sent you get a code? If the band tours three times in a year would I need to renew TWO more times? ? Greed.
  2. I renewed my Subscription in 6/2017 but when I bought JT2017 Tour tickets my code didn't work. So I bought a (unknown to me until searching for tickets) ticket Bundle on TM (day 2 of pre-sale) that included GA tickets + U2.com Subscription. It was another $50 on top of the renewal I had paid for a few days before. 1) Can I redeem that TM U2.com Membership redemption code to extend my subscription in order to receive IETour codes? 2) As others have asked, where is our membership expiration listed? I don't see it anywhere in my profile. 3) What's the point of purchasing/renewing U2.com membership in advance if one can simply buy-in to the pre-sale through TM on the day of pre-sale?
  3. Wondering the same thing. I'm Verified. Expecting, like Joshua Tree 2017, that more dates are added. I would think there would be a new window for any added dates. Just hoping Minneapolis/St. Paul is on the list. Prefer Xcel Energy Center for better sound instead of US Bank Stadium.
  4. For the heck of it I tried my Wires code before 11:00 in the Red Hill area and it wasn't valid. TM opened up the Wires availability at 11:00 as expected. Seems you may have had a Red Hill code.
  5. I had to buy another U2.com membership today to get Wires tickets to show up even though I had my presale code entered and unlocked and my membership is up to date already. I tried on the TM App first and it was locked up when you choose number of tickets. Went to the website instead. Still got 4 GA. Are people buying presale tickets without a presale code simply by purchasing a membership at the same time through TM? Basically a $50 fee without the prior hassle of signing up and getting your presale code in advance?
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