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  1. Hi, You can go on Ticketmaster and buy them. They put some everydays. Now you can buy L21. Good luck !
  2. I am interested and sent you a Private message. I cross my fingers now !
  3. Hi Darren, I'm really sorry you can't go to the show. I am of course interestedby your tickets. thank you very much for your answer. Virginie
  4. Hi all U2's fans, I am flying from France to see my favorite band. I already booked plane, car and hotel, but i can't find tickets for the saturday night. We are 2, Thank you very much for your help .
  5. Hi, I am desesperatly searching for 2 tickets for the Saturday night.I imagine you would prefere selling the 3 together, but if you are ok to sell 2 tickets, I would be very happy. Thank you for your answer. Virginie
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