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  1. It would be so awesome if they did Please or Gone.
  2. A bit of a different concert Andrea Bocelli this Thursday
  3. I lucked out and was able to grab 2 RZ for Sydney this time so hope to see you there!!!
  4. I don’t know about this tour stop (obvi) but I managed to get two RZ for the opening night in Vancouver of the JT 2017 during the public sale.
  5. 2 x Red Zone for Sydney. Can’t wait!!! Never been Down Under so it will be an amazing trip.
  6. While I respect your opinion, I must wholeheartedly disagree. I attended LA1 and was very pleased we had Red Flag Day and Gloria in the set list. That’s not even mentioning getting Acrobat and SATS. Plus I like the new songs but miss Landlady and Little Things. I thought it was a great show.
  7. I agree. The live version seems to build better with only the piano and no background guitar. It reminds me of Bad that way. Excellent studio version but is an even better song live.
  8. I had four from the presale and then two more from the general sale for the same show. So six all together. That was always my understanding of the ticket max. No issues.
  9. There was room to spread out the further away you were from the rail. There were areas where people had sat down prior to the start of the show. I wasn't sure if there were "seats" but actually just flat areas attached to the fencing separating the GA from Red Zone. While there were people sitting there it did not look comfortable. As far as leaning against the barriers it appeared you certainly could at the side closest to the lower bowl seats. The barrier separating GA from Red Zone was jammed as it was a "rail" for the GA people.
  10. Taken from Red Zone. Bono is on the walkway between the main stage and B stage.
  11. Hard to say. Maybe 400-500? I arrived at about 7pm and walked right in. There was no queue when I arrived. They allowed Red Zone ticket holders to bypass the lines for entry.
  12. I was in Red Zone for Vancouver. It was my first time so I can't compare it to other tours. I was half way up the ramp between the main stage and b stage about four people back from the rail. The band used the ramp a lot so we were quite close. If I had to do it over, I think I would have tried to be closer to the front of the b stage but all vantage points were excellent. With the screen being so large, I found I was almost too close to get the full affect. It was easy to come and go and there were designated bar and bathroom facilities. Hope that helps.
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