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  1. Also tried right when it started with ZERO tickets available for us.
  2. No luck on GA for Boston either. Or any seats that the normal fan could afford. Wish I could afford $300+ tickets but...life... Nice job Guy Oseary good job being a crappy band manager.
  3. No GA for the Boston show either. And just to actually view the whole screen you had to pay $200+ for one ticket. I've been a member and had many years of tickets success but this new "experience" is beyond awful for fans of the band for years. I'm going to have to pray that the general presale has tickets that I can afford.
  4. I changed my browser to a different one and I got in and got tickets! It's amazing when TM blocks you so fast. First tickets I saw were for too close to the stage and off to the side where I wouldn't be able to see anything. But I'll be going. Which is nice!
  5. I tried this and still getting the same thing. Boston went in 10 seconds. I don't think they released/had enough tickets for the fans.
  6. Can't believe that within 20 seconds all the tickets were gone. Including VIP tickets. Not enough available for us? I've gotten tickets to all tours first minute every time.
  7. I agree. I went in right at 9AM EST and Boston was completely sold out from tickets to VIP packages. Normally there's plenty of tickets for our presale but this time it was horrible.
  8. While I have seen many U2 shows, my first 18+ show at Avalon (used to be on Landsdowne Street in Boston) was to see the Mighty Mighty Bosstones. Up to that point my music tastes were around U2, REM, and classic rock bands from the late 60's and early 70's. I had a niche. I stuck to it. At the behest of my good friends from high school I was told to "branch out" and come with them to see the show. I was a little nervous at first being that this was what I'd call a real alternative show. Here I was, a simple preppie kid from the suburbs and did I also look the part. The show? It blew my mind. I didn't know that there could be that many layers in a live show and how the entire audience moved (and moshed) in unison with every ska beat. But the more important things was that it opened my ears to a wider variety of music than I had ever encountered. It was something that led to talking with my friends about other bands they were listening to that I hadn't heard of. Bands from the early 80's and the influencers of my favorite bands like U2. My music collection began to expand to include all these new groups and genre's. Sometimes it takes one moment or show to open your ears to what is possible for music. I never learned to play an instrument but from this show I was able to be a quality listener to music and how the various sounds work together in harmony. Also this album would look good next to my Zoo TV North American Tour (Spring 1992) announcement record!
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