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  1. 2018 Subscription FAQ Thread

    Pretty good idea. Also, the Band surely has plenty of video footage from Rattle and Hum tours ... why not a DVD or digital video download of these?
  2. Got them!!!! Rome, Italy. Redeemed may 3rd 2017, shipped February 13th 2018. Arrived. Thanks!!!
  3. same answer sent to my request... let's wait... some more...
  4. just out of curiosity, can these turntables ruin the vinyls in their first run? or is it a slow process caused by bad needles so one has to listen to the vinyl several times before it gets ruined? thanks.
  5. will try that, thanks for the hint !
  6. pls add me to the new thread. Rome, Italy, no delivery.
  7. have you renewed you subscription? I did not. And I hope this isn't the reason why we aren't getting ours...
  8. Italy, the same. Redeemed in May 2017 !
  9. here:
  10. I'd happily sign a petition. If any mods are available to put it forward to the band....
  11. Seems the rights are split. "The film was produced by 3ality Digital and distributed by National Geographic Entertainment [...] U2 control the ancillary rights to U2 3D along with the record label Universal Music Group, Universal Music Group and they have stated that additional rights such as those for a home video release will not be optioned until home video technology can meet the same digital 3D standards as cinema.[61] Owens said in a 2007 interview that there were plans to release the film to a 3D home video format,[15] however, the press release for the 2015 Spain re-release stated that U2 3D has been licensed exclusively for theatrical release, and will not be distributed in television, internet, or other home video formats.[85]"