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  1. Hello, I have 2 GA tickets for MSG on Jun, 25. I do not live in US, how can I transfer my tickets? @bigwave @Max Tsukino May you help me? Thank you!
  2. No more available - "afg" got the tickets. Of course, same price I paid in TM. Thank you!
  3. I guess it is solved. I have to give to a person will pickup the tickets a photocopy of my photo id, TM order number and a photocopy of my credit card showing the last four digits used to buy the tickets.
  4. guklein

    New Presales: Resetup?

    So the new maximum is 2 tickets (not 4 like previous tours)? If I used my code to purchase 2 tickets I will not be able to use the code (or a new one) for more 2 tickets in the added shows?
  5. I can´t believe presale codes for subscribers were chosen by lottery. Is it offcially true? Or it it just a rumour?
  6. It worked very well for me. Got 2 GAs for MSG.
  7. guklein

    Anyone Receive the Email Today?

    Just received the code in an email from ticketmaster! Thanks!
  8. guklein

    Anyone Receive the Email Today?

    Hi bigwave, eXperience group, not received the code yet! Could you help me, please? Thanks!
  9. guklein

    One More Show in Sao Paulo

    Thank you!
  10. guklein

    One More Show in Sao Paulo

    News? Thank you!
  11. guklein

    One More Show in Sao Paulo

    I understood presales are confirmed for the 4th show! "Tickets will go on sale to the public on Thursday, July 27th and fans are reminded that the best way to purchase is through the internet beginning at 12:01AM July 27th at Following a subscriber presale for the first three Sao Paolo shows, tickets for the fourth and final Sao Paulo concert will be open to all Brazilian fans from 10.00am on 27th July."
  12. guklein


    Why U2 is not playing ASOHC in the last shows? Any special reason? Thanks!
  13. guklein

    RZ crowded?

    How many in RZ area? I saw some RZ pictures and noticed it was crowded like GA. Does it make sense?
  14. I got RZ tickets. I know a friend that also got RZ tickets.
  15. I purchased Red Zone for the show on Saturday in Sao Paulo (2nd show). The Red Hill Group worked (released before Wires Group) so it was easy to get Red Zone. The problem to get Red Zone for the 1st show in Sao Paulo was both Groups (Red Hill and Wires) released at the same time!
  16. bigwave and Max, Please see with the vendor to respect the presale time for Red Hill Group! The previous presale both Groups opened at the same time! Thank you!
  17. Totally on Tickets For Fun side? They don't receive instructions?
  18. Max, Any return why in Sao Paulo Red Hill Group and Wires Group opened at the same time? Thanks!
  19. Ok, please report here when have answer. Thanks!
  20. bigwave, Could you check why it happened? It will be solved for next Sao Paulo shows presales? Thanks!
  21. And why Wires Groups entered at same time Red Hill Group in Sao Paulo? What a shame!