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  1. I called Ticketmaster, and the helpful agent told me that they could transfer the paperless ticket from my credit card to my girlfriend's credit card, but that it was too early to be done right now -- I need to call them back about a month before the show with her card details. No charge is processed on the new card, and the order is still associated with my payment card, but the paperless ticket is now associated with the new credit card. I think this procedure is really intended for situations where the original payment card expires in the intervening period between ordering and the show, so I really hope that my mentioning it here, doesn't jeopardise my own situation.
  2. Yes, it's no problem to give her my payment card. But it says on the Ticketmaster website that "each purchaser must provide the actual credit/debit card used for the purchase along with valid photographic ID (passport or driving licence) in order to enter the event. The name on your photo ID must match the name on the credit/debit card used for the ticket purchase, otherwise you will be refused entry to the event. The cardholder must be present at the time of entry into the event and must be attending the event."
  3. I am a long-time U2 fan, been to every tour since PopMart, subscriber to the site uninterrupted since 2009, etc, etc. But I can't make it to the Dublin show in November. So this morning I bought 2 tickets using my code, with the intention that my girlfriend and a friend of hers use the tickets. But I've been reading the T&Cs on TicketMaster, and it seems they can't do this? I can give her the card I used to make the purchase, but of course she is not me so can't show photo ID at the venue to match her to the payment card. Did I just waste €177.70? Is there anything that can be done? (My gf is also a U2.com subscriber, but she's in the innocence group, so I bought the tickets today to ensure we'd get them.)
  4. Great article. So many typos! I wonder whatever happened to 'Harmony'...
  5. On a point of order, Northern Ireland (and consequently Belfast) is not part of Great Britain
  6. I just booked 2 tickets in the presale. I wanted seats, but in my hurry, I chose "best available" and was offered standing tickets, which I booked. Are standing tickets the only option in the presale, or could I have specifically selected seated tickets in the dropdown? What price are seated tickets? Too late now anyway...
  7. If you still have the previous presale notification emails, then isn't your code also in those emails? FWIW, I'm still waiting on tonight's email, and I deleted all the previous emails so I don't know what my code is.
  8. No you won't get a code. Access codes for ticket presales are a benefit of paid membership, and indeed, the news item on u2.com says, "To take part your subscription must have begun before yesterday’s announcement of the Irish dates."
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