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    It's the same in ATL, which is the smallest venue. Stub Hub states 140 GA tickets. I saw on another site another 100 tickets (no idea if these are connected). I was lucky to get Red Zone during the Experience sale, but the AXS website that we were sent to for ATL (sale not through TM) was a disaster. To find GA, there was tiny button that was not highlighted and in grey print (all else highlighted in brigh colors). So it looked like you could only get the very expensive seats or a high priced package. I was not planning on Red Zone. Cost me about $300 more a ticket. But again, can't complain too much because I am going. Just a bit dissapointed and feel terrible for those blocked completely.
  2. kgg815

    No Innocence seats for LA show?

    Same in Nashville. On the phone on hold of course. Unreal
  3. kgg815

    Limited View??

    Can you let me know how you did this? I could not find a drop down or anything and I was on at 10 am. My husband has a code for tomorrow, so I would like to know how we can try to get GA. I ended up getting seats, but want to try GA again. Thanks!
  4. kgg815

    Need help with ATL

    It did not work for me at all. I did end up buying RedZone, though I wanted regular GA (price difference). I could not change the option to GA. Was very frustrating.
  5. kgg815

    Unsuccessful going for Chicago GA's

    I can't get any tickets now. I cleared cache etc
  6. kgg815

    Unsuccessful going for Chicago GA's

    same Any word on a second date?
  7. kgg815

    TicketMaster Problems (MERGED)

    I have been booted about 5 times. Sometimes my code works, sometimes it does not. Not happy at all.