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  1. Had issues with newer Edge browser where I'd got through the Capture "are you a human" process (also pretty unintuitive) only to immediately get "Unable to process request. Try again later" message twice. Fired up Internet Explorer, got through Capthca and then showed the Please wait and ticket logo. DO NOT REFRESH or browse away. I waited 9 or 10 minutes and it eventually came back with good seats for Seattle (this was 1/11). So stick it out and if on Windows, try in IE11 rather than newer browsers. Seems to do the trick.
  2. ​First level seats up from the floor right in the middle for Vancouver, night 2 of the tour were ~$600 CAD!!! About $250USD per seat. Must be painted in gold or something... At least I have tickets and 6 months to pay them off.
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