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  1. Mine wasn't a concert experience, but something that has since led to many concert experiences. It was the summer of 1989, and my big brother Chris was a U2 fan. At that time, I wasn't. I (then 14) vividly recall driving with my brother (then 16) on Berkshire Boulevard in Albany, NY on a particular warm summer afternoon in my parents' red Ford Tempo. He popped his clear with white lettered copy of Rattle and Hum into the car cassette player, and on came Desire. I can remember hearing that opening twang of Edge's guitar, and then Bono's "yeah", and off went the song. That moment was the spark that set off the flame of my lifelong allegiance to U2, and perhaps even bigger, with music itself. I consider that moment as having shaped a lot of what is me, and so I'm grateful to U2 for that. Of course, I then went out and purchased all the cassettes for the albums before Rattle and Hum! And when Achtung Baby! was released, I was the second person in line at Tower Records in Boston to buy it the night it was released (back when people had to get off their bums to buy music!). And the rest, well, is history, and history in the making! Thanks for letting me share!
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