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  1. Email about UPS Package - did others get it?

    Did you have VIP tickets to the St. Louis show that got canceled? Because I still received my VIP gift even though I didn't get to see the show. I did receive a UPS notification about that.
  2. What I cannot understand is why the people "protesting" had to get violent and destroy the property of people who are completely unrelated to this whole situation. I understand peaceful protests, but not the violence. 4 years ago, I found my biological half sister, and we were planning to go to the U2 show together. I drove up from Dallas (10 hours away) to her home in Missouri. It was supposed to be a really special thing - getting to share a U2 show with my sister... but violent people had to ruin that opportunity for us. There were so many people who came from far away to attend the show in St. Louis. It upsets me that the show has just been completely cancelled - rather than rescheduled. We don't deserve that just because a small percentage of people behaved badly.
  3. Yes, please! I drove all the way up from Dallas for this show... but I'll come back!
  4. Has anyone heard whether they will still play in St. Louis? Some events have been cancelled because of protests.
  5. You're The Best Thing About Me (New Single)

    Okay, it's a pop song. It's on the lighter side. It's not going to be one of my all-time favorites. That said, I must also admit that I was pretty excited to hear them play it live in KC last night!
  6. I was in GA tonight. Saw several people so unbelievably drunk and being escorted out by security.
  7. You're The Best Thing About Me (New Single)

    My LEAST favorite U2 songs: The Sweetest Thing Beautiful Day Vertigo Elevation Songs my 19-year-old niece likes by U2: The Sweetest Thing Beautiful Day Vertigo Elevation I guess they'd rather try to appeal to my niece at this point? Sorry, just venting a little.
  8. You're The Best Thing About Me (New Single)

    Agree! Another attempt to appeal to the masses, IMO. BUT... for the past 20 years or so, this is what they've done - they release the "hits" as singles and hide the good songs on the rest of the album.
  9. Parking?

    Thank you!
  10. Can someone help me understand parking for this venue? For other shows, I have pre-paid for parking, but I cannot find an option to do that for the Dome at America's Center. How does it work? TIA!
  11. Who were you in 1987?

    Music definitely does have the ability to heal us! I'm glad you're in a better place now!
  12. Great interview with Zane Lowe

    Great interview! Thanks for sharing, Yardie!
  13. That crowd at yesterday's show... Wow! What will happen today?
  14. Tour Merchandise

    I found this to be true as well. Also, there were shirts for AT&T Stadium and Gillette, but I didn't see anything at the Houston show.
  15. The Little Things

    Why aren't more people talking about this song? I love it too! The only issue with it, IMO, is that they're ending the show with it and it is a very heavy song to end with. I think people would rather hear something "fun" at the end rather than something serious... At the Houston and Boston (Foxboro) shows, people started walking out while they were playing it. I couldn't believe people did that! I was reading a thread on another fan site yesterday, and there are people who think this is the band's way of telling us this is their last tour. "The end is here." I hope that's not the case!