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  1. 3 hours ago, JCF said:

    Trying to get GA to Boston 2 -- on the phone app it seems to think there is only a public onsale happening in a few hours, can't get in and get tickets.  On my desktop I can get in but only behind-stage seats coming up. No GA.  

    yeah, kinda funny how the onsale time displayed changed from 10am to 2 pm EST, yet the sale is still going on.  either way did not see any GAs available for Boston 2

  2. 2 hours ago, ApolloAndy said:

    I bought 2 in innocence and had 4 GA's come up in the general sale, punched in my info. and was rejected because "I exceeded the ticket limit." :(

    Same show date?  I'm guessing the per event limit is 4, but there's no indication on any site U2 or ticketmaster that says "max 4 tickets for the tour"

  3. 11 minutes ago, stateless said:

    I bought 5 for round 1 (5 different cities, 1 ticket each) between fan club and Citi presales, and have received all my tickets. Just bought 1 for the added MSG show via Citi.

    It would be really helpful to have clear, consistent communication on ticket limits. Though I would argue there should not be a "per tour" limit since there are a lot of fans who go to multiple shows. "Per date" would make more sense to help thwart scalpers.

    thank you for sharing this.  I totally agree about being clear on limits.  With a band as big as U2 there should be clear ticket limits explained.  Citi saying 4x code makes it seem like you can get 4x through citi per date.

  4. 6 hours ago, Max Tsukino said:

    the general rule with presale tickets + general tickets has always been 4 tickets total... I would recommend not risking a possible cancellation by buying more than 4 total...

    It's just a shame that ticketmaster / U2 does not explicitly say this anywhere.  I've checked the event sites and googled the internet without any official word or even a mention on total limit per tour.  You would think that if It is this strict a limit they would post it somewhere in plain sight instead of people theorizing on it.  Thank you for your response.  I wish ticketmaster would be more transparent.  They should not have the power to cancel your tickets if they don't explicitly post an exact limit on tickets.  Citi presale says 4 tickets per code but nothing about total limits.



  5. On ‎11‎/‎7‎/‎2017 at 8:43 AM, bigwave said:

    I am checking this, but doubt anyone will be able to be allowed more than 4 presale tickets per tour via various schemes.. 

    I have been searching for confirmation of this? The language that Ticketmaster has used on all individual event dates that I have looked at has no mention of 4 tickets for the whole tour.  If someone purchased 2 via U2.com fan club presale for one date and 4 via citi presale for a second date would they be at risk of having tickets cancelled?In the past for different concerts I have seen terminology around the lines of "X ticket limit for all presales combined".  I would think such a limit should be at least mentioned clearly by ticketmaster if they plan on enforcing that strict a limit for the whole tour.  I do not recall ticket limits being enforced on a multiple event level or based on a whole tour.



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