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  1. CDavenport

    2nd Night For Paris
  2. CDavenport

    GA Standing Availability

    Yes. Approx 09.10 yesterday. I couldn't source any in the first ten minutes but they were plentiful during the morning.
  3. CDavenport

    Advice on

    ??? Why are you amazed? Look back at previous tours-if fact I think this tour has had the best presale availability for a while. S+I GA were far more difficult to secure
  4. CDavenport

    Nothing Availble via Ticketmaster

    Not been funny here but do you really expect GA on the 2nd afternoon of the secondary presale? Tbf I think the presales have been better dealt with than the previous tour. As U2 fans demand is always present-you have you be organised-try on Monday. Dont give up as no doubt they will be further ticket drops after the ceasing of the general sale.
  5. CDavenport

    IE Leg 3 & 4 ?

    Could be an announcement on Monday 9th Jan .
  6. CDavenport

    TicketMaster Problems (MERGED)

    How did you buy more than 2ea tickets? My Husband's passcode and passcodes from our best friends. I was the designated ticket go getter this time around because i was the only one with time off. Hope you used different CC's as Ticketmaster may cancel tickets if you have exceeded 2 tickets with the same billing information.
  7. CDavenport

    Where are our pre-sale codes? (MERGED)

    And you cant even go to consecutive european shows as a pair...................... Great system.