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  1. Vancouver fans getting screwed over as the only ticket drops are coming from ticketmaster as wires pre-sale groups or platinum seats. WTF Mods ? This is nonsense.
  2. Bono is a hypocrite. He says they can't control the resale market but he allows his promoters (ticketmaster which is owned by Live Nation) to only release Platinum tickets and they are selling these tickets at 1000% mark ups which is worse than any scalpers prices. Just boycott the tour.
  3. Pretty lame gift

    1. mofo1


      Is this the best the band can do ? Pretty lame. 4 photos really ?? The band made millions last tour.

    2. peach23


      Hold on... "Comes with" and full details later this week... I suspect all is not revealed. As quoted on u2.com... "2016 subscription package comes with a special gift celebrating the striking visual iconography of the U2ie Tour"

    3. pain_18_


      Peach, I hope you're not reading too much into it and that "with" means some great music will be added...

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