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  1. I respect your opinion but couldn't agree. How this 2 CDs are HUGE project in comparsion to houndreds or tousands of CDs releasing every year by music companies? It's not vinyls or DVDs where situation is different. I think opposite - that it's simple and standart procedure. I never heard that U2 have to push release date of their album for several months because of delays with production with CD 😐 All tracks were chosen by band - not have to way what fans will chose. Those delays just show how bad management and marketing is on u2.com or bad communication between band and site. Good working team should get exact date that we could expect gift - if it would be longer OK, but better than "Pay and in some future you'll get some gift..." I really hope someday we get DVD as a subscribtion gift, but on the other hand production like this could take maybe 2 years or longer.... 😵 I couldn't imagine U2.com (as a background of one of the biggest band in the world) saying to subscribers something like "you're are free to subscribe or not subscribe". Sorry, no - they should make as much as possible that more and more fans become subscribers. This should be an example to follow by other band's sites. I was really happy when they said that this time it would be CD not vinyl, not book, not poster. 2 CDs - even better! But if there some mistakes and they are repeated from last gifts that should be say also. 😉
  2. Yes, that's a strange thing that THOSE 3 tracks didn't have such a luck to be released even as a bonus download.... But 1 thing against subscribers from U22 poll time - how they could waste such a opportunity to not vote for such gems like Return of the Stingray Guitar (unreleased track) and Mothers of the Disappeared (never released as a live version)!?!?! 😕 All was in fans hands... I know Elevation was much better! 🥴
  3. Lucifer's Hands was played 3 times: http://www.u2gigs.com/Lucifers_Hands-s891.html Where Crystal Ballroom - 2: http://www.u2gigs.com/The_Crystal_Ballroom-s899.html Both are gems in terms of release on officiall CD, but it need just a little more to be even better.
  4. Yeah, the idea is clear to get only songs from last 2 albums, but I couldn't understand one thing - WHY the hell thay couldn't add Lucifer Hands on 1st CD??!?!!? Both discs would have 12 tracks. If they could add Crystal Ballroom and Invisible what was wrong with LH??? 😔 Even Ordinary Love would fit. This song doesn't have luck - both versions (Return of Stingray Guitar and Lucifer Hands) were close to be on subscribers gifts, but.... 👿
  5. Grat to see CDs not another vinyl or book only! 😉 I hope they put on CD something from the trio: The Troubles, Landlady or Lucifer Hands as none of them will show up on DVD/BR... 🙄
  6. I hope after this HQ Remastering there will be lossless tracks for downoad. mp3s would be shame. I don't have turntable and would like to hear quality tracks. I have also second question - after renewing subscription in SUBSCRIBER DOWNLOADS section I only have one song: Ordinary Love. What happend with other tracks from U22, Edge's Picks & bonus Live tracks from 360 Tour?
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