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  1. From the album: Hope and recovery

    I just wanted to let this group of fans know of another time that this band has given us hope when we are at our darkest time. Yesterday, the house that my sister lives in with her husband and two boys went up in flames. The fire only lasted a little over a half an hour but it took with it their three dogs and most of the house. Luckily the family was either at work or at school when this happened so they were safe. The fire started in the kitchen thru a faulty light and quickly went up stairs to their bedrooms and out the roof. After talking with my nephews and sister most of the day yesterday and feeling hopeless, I got a text this morning that said "Bono sent us a sign." I guess last night when they were down the street sleeping at a friends house this shirt fell from my sister's bedroom and into the kitchen where the fire started and she lost her dogs. I know this a small thing but it is great to see that my sister is looking at the positives again. We have been talking these last few days, as most of this site, about their up coming album and tour. After this fire and that text, I know that I am going to use my four tickets to send them to the concert in DC. Again this community and group bring out the best thing about us.
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    Hope and recovery

    I just wanted the fans and group to know of another story where the band has made difficult situations better. My sister and her family had a house fire yesterday where she lost her three dogs and most of the house. The family of my sister, husband, and both nephews were luckily at work or school during the fire. The fire started in the kitchen from a faulty light that caused the fire to move up stairs and rip through their bedrooms and roof. My sister after a very stressful day sent me this picture with the text that said "Bono sent us a sign." I guess last night when they where down the street at a friends house sleeping this shirt fell into the kitchen from my sister's bedroom above. Glad to see that this band can give her some hope when times are tough. I will defiantly be using my allotment of four tickets to make sure they see the band when they come to D.C. now.
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