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  1. The EI tour hasn't finished yet and I'm already missing it! Any chance this tour will continue in 2019?

    1. dmway


      I sympathize with your opinion; however, 2019 will almost certainly be a year-off.


      If you go to this thread and read the interview there, you'll see that they definitely need some rest:



      However, they will be back - in my humble opinion, they will at least go back in the studio in 2020 (even just to play music together) and I also think they will be on tour again in 2021 (2022, at the latest). There is a 30th anniversary of "Achtung Baby" to observe, so I think they'll be on the road one way or another.

    2. andryu2



      Yes, I know they need a year off. They've been playing unstopabble for the last years. 

      I just can't believe this tour is over. It has been an amazing tour!


    3. kings


      If there is another tour you’d hope that they’d go to Australia. They have ignored the fans down here for 8 years. Very disappointing. 

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