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    Where the Streets Have no Name / Bad
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    São Paulo / Brazil 30/01/1998
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  1. erickleandro

    1 GA Ticket for Dublin1 (11/23) to trade for Dublin4 (11/28)

    Yes, the ticket are paperless, if you trade with me, you can enter in arena with me at 11/23 concert. Thanks for your reply. Erick
  2. Hi folks, I´m form Brazil and I´m going to Dublin for U2 concerts, I ahve an extra GA Ticket for Dublin1 (11/23) and I would like to trade for 1 ticket for Dublin4 (11/28) Thanks Erick
  3. erickleandro

    U2 in Brazil

    U2 in Brazil but not this times (2011) 10 years ago, in 2000.