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  1. Its the total lack of updates that kind of pisses me off. Poor business model frankly. Probably last time I sign up to get a "gift" other than getting a spot in the virtual line for tickets. Just at least come out and say there has been a major issue in distribution or software glitches in the remastering the concert sound onto CD. Something. As a long time fan (since 1982) be dig deal I know, it does seem like they're just kind of phoning it in theses past few years. They've earned it sure, but...
  2. One thing (touring) doesn't have to do with other (producing Cds or at least letting us know when to expect them) respectfully. Just poor business / customer support. Peace.
  3. How about an update regarding the subscribers gift? Thats what on my mind.

  4. Poor business model to not to at least update the fans who have renewed their subscription for this gift. Frankly it shows a lack respect for the fans who have been so loyal. I get the sense the band is probably unaware or they would have pushed a little. Peace.
  5. Been a fan since 1984. I have been very lucky to see them live over a dozen times, but its becoming increasingly difficult to go see them play with the price of their tickets. Getting to old to stand in GA for 4 plus hours waiting for show to start. I wouldn't go see the Beatles for over $300 frankly. I know people will offer various reasons to disagree and attack my post. That's ok. I just felt the need to vent. What happened power to the people boys? Peace.
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