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  1. I feel like U2 re-scheduling the concert would be an incredibly important gesture from the band. I know that as artists they are not required to do anything beyond make music and sell it, but this Joshua Tree tour is as much a plea to America to fulfill its promise as a country as it is a rock concert. As a resident of a suburb of St Louis I know this region needs to hear this message more than ever after Ferguson and this weekend. It is a very divided city right now (in a very divided country). Again, I know it's not U2's job but the city could use the boost that the concert would bring economically as well. This was supposed to be a big weekend for STL - a sold out Ed Sheeran concert was also cancelled today. Even though I don't always agree with Bono's methods (not a fan of some of the former Presidents he likes to hang with) I love U2 for their commitment to social justice as much as their music and I suppose I hold them to a higher standard than I guess I should. All that said, I am also probably being a little selfish because I am severely disappointed the show was cancelled!
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