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  1. Yes. This is a serious concern and needs to be addressed. If you have people that have been active in this forum getting their tickets cancelled, then that is as wrong as dodgy additional purchases in my opinion. We can only trust that the right things will be done. but who has that confidence after the last week?
  2. [quote name='Nniixx wrote: Alexander wrote: benbabao']code can be used more than once? what??? this is crap!!! it said on the faq you could only use your code ONCE!!!! i just had to fork out for four brisbane tickets now looking to trade!! WHAT THE HELL!?!?! Chill, we will be auditing the system and canceling tickets and memberships of those cheats - Baja Baja Girl - I was buying 2 tickets at Brisbane and had an error from ticketek so went through process again and this time got confirmation. Since have had 2no. confirmations for Brisbane (2 tickets each confirmation) emailed to me. Checked bank and 2 lots of cash taken out! I am not a cheat and would be devistated if my tickets are taken off me. If there is some way to get the 2nd lot refunded would appreciate it. Hopefully it will mean people who bought 10, 20, 30 tickets who are clearly rorting the system, whereas if you bought 2 x 2 which is 4 anyway then that should be fine or if you bought 6 and were entitled to 8 via two codes. I saw someone who posted here that they kept alternately trying their two codes because they were having issues and I know that I had 1 window open with a text file containing my codes, 1 window contianing my credit card numbers and another with Ticketek and was swapping around to use one code for 4 P2 tix and 1 code and a different ticketek account and CC to buy 1 P3 ticket for my brother. I was so worried out about using the same code twice, although I presumed it wouldn't let me, or the same credit card twice or the same ticketek account twice, but I'm pretty sure I got it all right. For something that should be enjoybale in the end, it was very stressful over the last day or two and especially this morning. Of course it was stressful. There's no record of whether a presale on your page is used or not. There was no email until 30 minutes after the on sale. There was inconsistent information, the site was up and down... It's hardly the fault of those who've made any innocent mistakes along the way. Completely agree with the cancelling of dodgy ticket orders, but how about the method of buying tickets is improved so as to prevent this rather than it being so reactive? Got my tickets though, so happy...
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