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  1. Got my tickets at 10:35 Adelaide time (2x GA). So I'll be out early lining up on Monday 13 December for the Circle. Ticket purchase was real smooth unlike 4 years ago where it took me half a day to get 4 tickets. I'll assume they will mail tickets out (as the confirmation email says that pick up is not available for sydney/melbourne shows) or I'll pick them up from a box office in Sydney prior to the show.
  2. So I check my account info and now have 2 presale codes? Anyone else with this? Also 11:00 am I'm assuming that's 10:30 AM SA time.
  3. Jesseboy - I line up from 6am in Adelaide and was one of the first 20 or so. Not sure what it will be like in Syndey. In adelaide ground staff weren't allowing people to sleep the night i believe.
  4. That's what i thought .... I lined up like that in Adelaide a few years ago and got into the love heart. Awesome heading to sydney to line up now!!!
  5. so I'm assuming getting into the circle is a first come first serve basis i.e. who can line up the earliest like in the previous tour? Or is it going to be special tickets?
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