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  1. My transaction was smooth, albeit switching back and forth between u2.com and ticketek sites. Had a look at P2 tix for Sydney, but they were almost in the far corner, so had to start again and got P1 on side of stage (section 105). No probs with codes and still have one left. Tix are expensive but that is the market, and still much better value than Coldplay GA at $200+. Would have been much easier and less stressful if (1) email was sent earlier and had explicit instructions and (2) a seating plan was available. How hard can that be, either stadium or ticketek at fault. Imagine the chaos if no seating plan when general sale starts!
  2. Thanks. Very annoying not having a seating plan and having to guess the zones. Wouldn't really matter in a smaller stadium but ANZ is huge so mid price zones might be very high.
  3. Baja, do you have a seating plan for Sydney? Nothing on Ticketek. Also, can we do it directly through Ticketek site, or do we need to click through from u2.com? No,yes, its better - Baja
  4. Maybe a dumb Q, but do we access pre-sale through ticketek/ticketmaster? I couldn't get to Vertigo.
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