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  1. This is going to be my first concert. I was able to score 3 GA tickets. What happens if you are at the front fence but need to take a dump/leak? Are people able to get back to their original spots?
  2. Uh strange, yesterday I was bumped from N/a to the Magnificent priority group. After I added my mobile number and updating, it now says N/a? Also I had a different set of presale codes when I signed up. Now they have changed. Whats happening?
  3. If someones just signed up as a paid member a few hours ago, have you been assigned a priority group? If so, I might have to sign-up as a paid member again.
  4. I don't mind being in a 5th Group though I am just worried that I might have failed to fall into a priority group (N/a) because my email address was not verified when I subscribed as a paid member. If everyone else who just signed up is getting N/a, then I am cool with that. As long as there is a time window where I can use my presale codes before it it goes on sale to the public I'll be happy.
  5. Just wondering, does anyone else have a N/a priority group? I just signed up about 1 hour ago.
  6. Oh thanks. I just updated my email and had it verified so I hope it works out well. Though I think I will send off an email just incase. Are the pre-sale codes on the left of my Account Info all I need for the Down Under Tour? Don't want to get too hyped up, but can't wait.
  7. I am an absolute noob. I just signed up with paid-subscription however had my email incorrect. Is there a way to rectify it so that I don't miss out on the pre-sale for the U2 Down Under tour? EDIT: Sorry bout the questions, but does it mean anything if I am not in a priority group? It has N/a next to my presale codes.
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