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  1. i thought that pre-sale for cedar was supposed to start at 1pm? but when I went back to the ticketek website.. it said 3pm.. now confused.. but when i back read some of the posts.. seems that the pre-sale times have changed.. well.. 2 more hours.. im just taking deep breaths for now.. good luck to everybody (those who are supposed to get tickets for the 2nd presale anyway)!
  2. Thanks heaps for answering my question.. this forum relieves all the ticket buying stress.. props to everyone especially baja!
  3. i've been lurking around this thread and so far i haven't seen anyone mention about fan packages.. so my question is do you need a pre-sale code for fan packages.. because it takes me to a different website.. and i got up to the point where it's asking me for my cc details, just to see whether it will ask for a pre-sale code.. but i didn't finish it through because i don't want to run the risk of getting my package cancelled. I know from experience for other concerts is they ask for ID for these types of packages and you won't know where you're seated until on the day itself.. can someone here confirm? also.. i've been looking around this thread for seating plans for the sydney show.. but i haven't had any luck so far.. sorry if it's already posted somewhere.. i just don't know where to look anymore.. thanks heaps! learned a lot from reading this thread! congratulations to all those who scored tickets already!
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