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  1. Hi Can you tell me if U2 will be doing a DVD of the Current Joshua Tree 2019 Tour please.? Would be great if they could do one for all those that went to their current tour
  2. Thank you so much U2 for last night. You guys nailed it!!!! Bono such an awesome rendition of Every Breaking Wave...I had goosebumps! Incredible!!!! you guys played some of my most fav tracks....to hear "One" played right in front of me brought me to tears!!! And to see you play One tree hill again was simply amazing as you played it at the 360 tour.One happy fan...so thanks so much again. Please don't leave it so long to come down under again. If you come again we will be there for sure !!!!!!
  3. Hi U2 We have a couple of song requests for the Nov 8 concert if it's at all possible could u please please play "I will follow" Every breaking wave...The little things that give you away That would be so so so awesome we are REALLY REALLY REALLY excited cant wait last concert was amazing!!
  4. We are sooooooooo excited!!!! Thanks U2.......we have been waiting and watching for any Tour announcements. Yahoo!!!! We went to the last 360 concert!! Amazing Unforgettable. Its most poignant they should announce a Tour again....... Pike River has just recently been opened up again!!!!
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