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  1. hmm so now I'm wondering about just going for GA and ongifting my p1s. What do others think about a nearly 6 month pregnant woman in the inner or outer circle...dangerous???? It was so awesome to be up close in 06!!! qing all day in the heat wasnt so awesome but was worth it.
  2. I'm pretty bummed to not get RZ tix!! I will be nearly 6 months pregnant then and wanted the extra room for my belly lol and I was super happy that my ticket fee would go to charity. Oh well could have got GA but we were right on the barrier in 06 in GA and don't think that's safe for bubs. Happy with p1 tix nice and safe in the stand, though will be tempted to try for RZ tix in the public sale. Its all about the music so that's what matters can't wait to see the boys
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