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  1. success.....4 GA for Sydney, just what i wanted. Couldn't have been easier
  2. [quote name='bluehammer wrote: melissa87']I received this email from Live Nation on August 28 @10:47pm Presale times are: The presale for the 5 New Zealand and Australian shows begins this week. The times are as follows: Group 1 (Horizon, Breathe, Magnificent, Boots) - Begins Thurs. 26 Aug. 11AM and ends Mon. Aug. 30 at 12noon. Group 2 (Cedar) - Begins Mon. 30 Aug. 1PM local and ends Wed. 1 Sept. 12noon. All times are local. ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^ but then adds a link to the tours page where it is still changed to 3pm. It is obviously a set email and she has done nothing to actually check nor answer my DIRECT QUESTION with a YES or NO answer. Highly unsatisfactory. Go by the times that show up on the Ticketek/ticketmaster website. They're not there at the moment, but on monday morning they should be. Do not take any notice of what is written here on U2.com, go by the ticket vendors times on their website as it's their system that will be selling them. Log on at 1pm. If nothing's happening, come back at 3. But never rely on U2.com for information, you'll get it 30 mins after it's happened. http://premier.ticketek.co.nz/shows/show.aspx?sh=U2FANGPB10 http://premier.ticketek.com.au/shows/show.aspx?sh=U2FANGPB10 shows 1pm
  3. I know from past show AC/DC for example they had the second show on sale straight away with no warning.
  4. Quick question, im in Melb and purchased tix for Syd show but GA tix are not able to be posted and collection only was available. Would I be able to pick up the tix at the Melb Box office or as its a Syd show would it have to be done up there? I would much prefer to have the tickets before making the trip up for peace of mind. Cheers!
  5. Yeah just got perth 8 ga tickets for my friends and family so happy and if they have second show going to go red zone with husband cant wait.
  6. Yes, my account is Differs, but my last was posted as Kiley??!!
  7. Woot! 3 RedZone tickets for Sydney!!! Bring. It. On. My question though is that it said there is no option to post out RedZone tickets... any idea why? So now we just turn up on the day and show some ID or I need to collect the tickets from a Ticketek office somewhere in the city?
  8. Done! 4 for Sydney, 4 for Auckland = 4 happy fans!!!
  9. ticketmaster are scaring me! nothing set up for presale ticket options yet, well not that i can find!
  10. Baja heellllllllllllllllp its leonie but my name has changed to kiley - i am freaking out now
  11. I see the presale wording has changed to : Group 2 (Cedar, or, any code that begins with 3U2E) - Begins Mon. 30 Aug. (Times TBC). Did anyone with a 3U2 code use it for NZ? I used by 2U2 one, and was going to use the 3U2 one for Sydney {I should look have looked closer: my second code is 3U2D... not 3U2E... phew! so hopefully will work}
  12. [quote name='Bajagirl wrote: Jabz']Im a CEDAR, so to confirm presale won't be onsale for CEDAR code holders until Mondy 30th? Also is there any disadvantage to being CEDAR? less presale available? For the 400th time (Newbies need to read the board not just post, especially for the first question, bad netiquette and all) the answers to your questions YES Last to go into a sale means higher probability that the tickets in the section you want are sold out Yes, because the members with more seniority might buy up the tickets you want I think they have to have an allocation for Cedar. Otherwise breaches consumer garuantees act (in NZ anyway) - of course that might be just a few tickets in each class. Also given the amount of advertising since the first announcement for paying to join the club to get access to presale they will be a lot of upset people if there are no tickets.... it is not like most people in Aus / NZ are able to travel to Europe or States to see another concert. Good luck to those in Oz to get your tickets!
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