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  1. Pretty sure running a lotto in Canada without a license is illegal.
  2. BTW phone line at u2.com is now down. have not been able to get through in 20 minutes. Just getting an 'off the hook' sound.
  3. Also got the confirmation email last night, and then the email saying that was a mistake. That alone is unprofessional. Anyone who got the first email should be allowed to participate, whether they made a mistake or not. I'm told that the green "Setup Complete" box did not mean set up was complete. And I had further steps I had to go through, even though an operator on the phone told me that I was finished and did not have to do any further steps. And no I don't have more than one subscription. Fans assuming that's why people are being told 'no' are not helping.
  4. I can confirm my friend only bought two tickets and her code is still showing as available. (No line through it) This is not because the presale is over. I bought two tickets to Seattle, and my code is showing as used. I should still be able to buy two. I think an error has been made somewhere.
  5. But it isn't. Friends who did the same thing say their codes aren't struck through. Please help.
  6. I took have an partially used code that is struck through, yet friends in the same situation do not have their codes struck through. If there are future presales, I would like this fixed now and not later.
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