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  1. Was in the RED zone in Amsterdam and it was worth it just to be so close to the band. I was one person from the railing near the tree part of the stage and it was perfect. In my ignorance, and having never "splashed out" so much money on a ticket before, I was under the impression that the RED zone was kinda important... best "seat" in the house kinda thing. Hence, I was (and still am) disappointed to see the absolutely beautiful book/harmonica that Gold ticket holders were given. If I had known....!
  2. Thanks for that. You've put my mind at ease. I couldn't handle turning up in London next October and being told there's a problem. Do you know if I'll be able to buy tickets for Dublin when those concerts are announced or will that push me over the limit?
  3. With all this confusion about paperless tickets, etc I'm starting to doubt myself and get worried too. I bought a ticket in the pre-sales to the O2 concert on the 29th and another in the public sale to the show on the 30th using the same credit card each time. There won't be a problem with this will there? I've heard of people having orders camcelled....
  4. I had to switch to my iPhone. Got info not found on laptop. Havn't got a confirmation email from the O2 London yet but I presume I'm ok....
  5. Anyone not able to get into the waiting room for the O2 London gigs? Im getting 'Event info can't be found'....
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