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  1. Firefox and Safari on a MacBook says June 12th, Chrome says June 8th. Chrome it is.
  2. I think I'm not being clear. TM is only announcing one presale, the citibanamex presale which starts on the 12th. The screenshot in my previous post shows that TM in Mexico will open the presale on the 12th with no mention whatsoever of the u2.com subscribers presale for tomorrow. However, if you go to the TM page for the New York concert, you will find that TM DOES have the presale for u2.com subscribers, as is shown in the screenshot below. My question is, will TM Mexico have a presale for u2.com subscribers tomorrow even if it is not announced?
  3. Yes, I know. My question is, where are the options in TM for the u2.com suscribes presale? Will those options appear tomorrow? I landed on that TM page via via the u2.com presale page.
  4. Hi, the TM page in Mexico says that the presale will begin on June 12th. There are no options for Red Hill or Wires groups. I'm confused
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