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  1. They played Bad in Boston in the SOI tour, so I think it could def be in the set list. What I would like to see is JT and earlier albums played. However, like others here, I think we'll get a smattering of Beautiful Day, etc... It is interesting to see whether they will play the songs in order. U2 and Springsteen are mutual admirers of course, and Bruce was doing The River album tour last year. Now, that is a double album of course, so it is a bit different. He started the tour performing the album in sequence. We caught him on the last date. It was a 4 hour show and he had completely abandoned the format. So the set lists may evolve, partially depending on whim and partially on Bono's voice. Either way, it is great to have another opportunity to see the boys play!
  2. We are Red Zone Sat night Boston, and were emailed that the RZ emails are going out on Thursday. Have fun!
  3. Like nearly every tour it will be a mix. Would love to see Bad make its way into a few set lists, but I suppose with a catalogue this deep, you can't please everyone.
  4. Thanks kipk999 - enjoy the Chicago shows!
  5. 8th U2 show and maybe psyched up for this one the most. Sat night Boston, 4 RZ tickets. I indoctrinated my Wife into U2 obsession years ago and we've been to several shows together since. My kids are now old enough (15 and 12 at the time of the show), so their first U2 show will be in the RZ (spoiling them for life). I have always done GA on the more recent tours. Those of you with more RZ experience, please give me some info. Seems like in the past there has been bar and restrooms inside the RZ. True? If you don't show up for the opening act, are the sight lines still likely Ok? I am 6' tall, but my youngest will be probably 5' by the show. Anything else I should know about RZ and kids? Can't wait!
  6. Red Zone Boston Sat night - 2 tix each zone - my wife will want to be on the side with the Edge - so, RZ2? Is there a sep RZ entrance? Can't wait!
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