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    Unforgettable Fire
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    Can't decide...love them all
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    Unforgettable Fire - Atlanta, GA - April 29, 1985
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    ie at Madison Square Garden - July 19, 2015
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    Chicago 360 tour...magical! But I met them at most recent.
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    Bono...but I love them all
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    Mumford & Sons, Coldplay, Killers and any 80's college radio

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  1. Id like to hear a full band YTBTAM vs acoustic.
  2. Enjoyed the show via scopes and twitter. I don't know how they have the energy to do as much as they do and so often...really giving us their all! I'll be in Nashville and then Atlanta and wish there were more days between them but then I think how do THEY do it?! I just like time to process the show and doubt it'll change much between the two so close together. Anyway...I have to say I was sad there was not more from SOE album played. Landlady, The Showman, Summer of Love and Red Flag Day. (RFD is my fave personally) But it's SUCH an incredible album! Don't shoot me but I'm kinda ready for a break from so many usuals...Pride, One (feels like a commercial kind of at this point)...and I prefer Streets over those if we could choose which stays and which takes a break. But please more new stuff!! Killer new album...let's hear it! Replace One with Ordinary Love? That's a great one too. Guess these are issues when you have so much rich stuff to choose from. Glad to be back at it with my U2 fam! Group hug!
  3. Don't feel mopey mich40...you had Denver...and so many more cities and stories. Better to have had (insert here from the 360 tour) and lost than to have never had it at all. Right? (((mich))) We can have coffee while the kids are at school...since I'm so lucky to live so close by too!
  4. Nashville/Vanderbilt Stadium 7/2/2011
  5. Just posting in case anyone can find themselves
  6. Bono looking at my camera...I so wish it was a better photo but the thrill of being there was unforgettable!
  7. The Hershey store in Chicago, July 2010. When I was there for the show that wasn't meant to be. I'll be back in the future...July 2011. Can't wait!
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