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  1. I wish the Bullhorn tee had a women's version. This girl has a couple of curves! I've tried altering a man's tee in the past, but the results can be hit and miss.
  2. Loved they played I Will Follow, Gloria, and Pride. They were gusty sticking to their theme of Experience and they threw in a good dose of Women-power during the interludes. Solid show. However, sound was awful. I was in the section next to the soundboard, and the sound was terrible there too! A few people, including my husband a sound engineer, complained to the engineering assistant since we couldn't see Joe after the show, but it didn't seem to do any good. The Edge's guitar blew Adam's bass away. Hopefully those going to tonight's show have a better auditory experience!!! To AchtungAl: People used their devices to film snippets. I didn't see any cameras--you may be able to sneak a small one in in a lady friend's purse.
  3. Sounds amazing! It would have been a hoot to have them at one of those mega mini-putt places-- the kind with the pirate ship and all! But I'm positive their time is pretty budgeted right now. Glad the guys were into doing it. I guess Larry is really sticking to that "No golf" rule! I knew he was hardcore LOL
  4. Got the e-mail from Ticketmaster on November 21st, and I received two cds today!! Since I'm in Canada, and they shipped from the USA, customs requires a dollar value on both cds. They are worth a total of... $1.
  5. I didn't see any RZ in the Innocence sale. Lots of behind the stage tix though lol.
  6. Presale went smoothly for me too. And happy with my (relatively) cheap seats. Didn't much like all the service charges Evenko added!
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