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  1. Vertigo3333

    Lisbon Live Thread #U2eiTour

    U2Gigs Mixlr is up, no periscope that I've seen.
  2. Vertigo3333

    Cologne Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Just tuned in at Red Flag Day... glad to hear Bono singing again!
  3. Vertigo3333

    Berlin Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Oh dear Bono, prayers to you! Get well soon! 💚🍀
  4. Vertigo3333

    Berlin Live Thread #U2eiTour

    "Paul is dead, I'm F****ing Bono!" That's great 🤣
  5. Vertigo3333

    Berlin Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Bono sounds fired up! Interesting new start for Europe!
  6. Vertigo3333

    Berlin Live Thread #U2eiTour

    A few Mixlrs are up, including U2Gigs. Beautiful World starting now! Showtime!
  7. Vertigo3333

    Berlin Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Waiting for a show to start is so exciting! There WILL be tears when they start playing!
  8. Vertigo3333

    Berlin Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Have fun at the show everyone! I'll be here listening in to any streams! Can't wait to hear any changes to the set.
  9. Vertigo3333

    U2 dreams

    Yes! Omaze should do that next year - Shopping with U2, and get your own rock star wardrobe! 😆 And I'm sure Bono's wisdom was an echo of what I have many people telling me now (including you!) - That everything will work out! It just took hearing it from my favorite frontman to get through to me 🤣 I did wake up feeling very calm - You know when Bono speaks in his serious voice that he is very assuring!
  10. Vertigo3333

    U2 dreams

    Well I had a U2 dream a few nights ago but got so busy I forgot to post it! So some details are definitely missing, but this is the best I can remember... I was in a shopping mall - like a Macy's or something, it was similar to the mall I've been going to my entire life but also had some elements of one I visited in New Orleans. All four band members were there! Most of it was me walking with Larry and Adam, discussing something important that I can't remember but may have been related to certain major events going on in my life right now (starting graduate school and moving out on my own), and then Bono and Edge were ahead of us generally playing around and trying on hats. At some point in changed to just me and Bono, but I don't remember what was said. I think it was one of those dreams where you know a conversation is going on but can't really hear all the words clearly, but it seemed to be all deep conversations and me receiving advice. Of course I woke up wishing I could go back!
  11. Vertigo3333

    Happy birthday, The Edge!!

    Happy Birthday The Edge!
  12. Various U2-themed phone cases and laptop sleeves. Signed merchandise - some that just have those stamped signatures so the items can be mass produced, and then occasionally I think there should be items (pictures, albums, shirts) that are actually physically signed by the band. Of course it's not as good as getting a signature in person but it might help for those of us who don't do GA often or missed the line when the band came in or were skipped over when the band went by. For example, say each band member signs 10 things at a time, like once a month or however often, and then there is a contest or random drawing to pick 10 people out of however many signed up to buy it (or just make them giveaways for us fanclub members... or at least not too expensive and donate the money to (RED)). Then make it so those 10 people are excluded from the next drawing, so the same person can't win every time. That could cause problems in itself but it would be a great way to get an authentic signature without being there in person or taking a chance on eBay or the like. Replicas of Larry's 360 Tour shirts! U2-themed converse-style shoes, The Edge beanies and cowboy hats, replicas of the jackets the band wears - like Bono's denim jacket from this tour, the leather jacket from 360, the American flag jacket from Elevation, The Edge's leather jacket with fringe, and anything from the most stylish member, dear Adam. Or other shirts like that number 7 shirt Edge wore during the Elevation tour. Of course there are probably copyrights or something like that to reproducing these items, but there are ways around it with any small design alterations.... Or, you know, more affordable versions. And Bono's sunglasses! Get the licensing to sell those! This is probably all wishful thinking on my part (and falls into the over-the-top) 🙃 Guitar accessories would be great also - straps and stickers. Guitar picks. Larry's ProMark drumsticks. And more jewelry! Rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings. And every music release ever done by the band! All albums, singles and B-sides, and video releases. A lot of them (mostly the singles) are very hard or impossible to find anymore.
  13. Vertigo3333

    Will there be a Songs of Ascent?

    I would also say that there won’t be a trilogy exactly... If it’s called “Songs of Ascent” then it might be in name but I think the theme and tour would be totally separate from SOE and SOI. I’d love to hear something that’s like a reinvention if their ‘90s albums, maybe they could take some inspiration from an anniversary tour. But I think even if they do look back for inspiration that a new album would still be different. Either way I’m looking forward to it!
  14. Vertigo3333

    Will there be a Songs of Ascent?

    I also heard the rumor (I don't know where this person got his info, but it's usually from reliable sources) of signing a new contract with Live Nation that goes through 2028. An Achtung Baby anniversary tour and at least 1, but maybe even 2 or 3 new albums would be possible in that time. It's very exciting but I won't believe it until a more credible source comes out with it! But I pray that it's true because then I'll get to see lots more U2 😍
  15. Vertigo3333

    U2 dreams

    So many fans spend so much time defending our wonderful band, maybe that got into your dream!