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  1. Vertigo3333

    U2 dreams

    So many fans spend so much time defending our wonderful band, maybe that got into your dream!
  2. Vertigo3333

    U2 dreams

    I can see The Edge being the one to get the band together during an off time... Maybe you were one of his assistants or friends who was tasked to help him? On a more serious note, maybe your subconscious is telling you that the band is near slipping away (I hate to use that dreaded "r" word, but it will happen sooner or later) and you need to keep up and get as much U2 as you can while they're still actively making music and touring. The second one definitely sounds like you were one of the band members! It can definitely make you sympathize with the level of fandom they have to deal with! 🤣 I've had U2 dreams before, but not in a while... The one I can remember the most is U2 holding an impromptu concert in my front yard! Just rolled up on a flatbed (like the All Because Of You video) and started playing away! I think I woke up right when I headed out to meet them 🙁 Another one I think was me having a deep conversation with Bono, like I wish I could in real life!
  3. Vertigo3333

    Credit Card Entry?

    There isn't any way to authorize someone else to attend? I had Will Call tickets and I believe there was an option to add an authorized person on Ticketmaster so someone else could pick up the tickets. I didn't need to do that because I was there and I picked up my tickets from the U2 VIP people though so I'm not sure if it works the same way. It would definitely help if there was a way to basically transfer the tickets to someone else, and just have that person show ID and not necessarily the CC used for the purchase. Or if it's the case of kids they should accept a family member (i.e., child) and not only the parent who bought the tickets.
  4. Vertigo3333

    What Good Thing Happened To You Today (Continued)

    I received some exciting things in the mail... my college diploma and my new laptop!
  5. Vertigo3333

    Recording Cologne 1987 Müngersdorfer Stadion

    Here is an audio recording of the show on YouTube.
  6. So wishing I was at this show... Loved the show on Friday in NJ and really prefer to see two shows per tour but couldn’t this time around... guess once in 2015 and once in 2018 could technically count? Thanks to all who are streaming and filming tonight!
  7. Vertigo3333

    Newark Live Thread #U2eiTour

    I’m so excited to hear that they filmed the show! Especially in this new way... should be interesting to see the results!
  8. Vertigo3333

    Newark Live Thread #U2eiTour

    Such an amazing night, I can never get enough of seeing the best band in the world live. I'm never happier than when I am at a U2 show. Thank you so much Bono, Edge, Adam, and Larry, and the entire U2 crew for bringing us fans these amazing experiences.
  9. This is exciting! And that would be one more reason to visit Ireland! And perhaps stay for good.... 😁
  10. Vertigo3333

    Who’s going?!

    Who will be at the show on Friday?! I’m so excited! Second year straight that I get to see U2! Woohoo! And the best college graduation gift to myself I could possibly have!!!
  11. Vertigo3333

    Fan Packages

    Thanks! Oooh a harmonica must have been awesome! My friend won’t directly say but I believe she’s turned off by how political Bono is “lately”.... but I maintain that he’s been like that all along, and he’s mostly calling for people to get together to make a better world... If this friend backs out i know someone else who would love to go. Whatever happens I am determined to have fun! And I hope I can be there in time for the raffle!
  12. Vertigo3333

    Fan Packages

    What is the gift? I have the VIP package for NJ. Also, was it worth it? With the food and raffle and gift and such? I’m hoping to get to the venue when it all starts but the person going with me is disinterested and would rather get there right before the show starts.
  13. From the pictures I’ve seen and people I’ve talked to through Facebook groups there were signs about filming in DC!
  14. Were there signs posted about being filmed? I didn’t see that there were any at Philly. Usually for a concert being filmed for DVD there are extra cameras besides those used to show the band on the screen (such as cameras in the crowd too), and they do film all their concerts but more so they can improve their shows. And there would have been notices for the audience. I’d love to see a Philly DVD though so I hope it was for that!
  15. Vertigo3333

    Have to Count - the new and improved one :P

    43,728 Hello hello everyone! Counting and listening on the DC show.