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  1. I love that Bono says "thank you for giving us a great life." Goodnight everyone! Just over eight hours from now we will have the new single!
  2. There's a little smile from Adam! I was waiting for that lol. The band sounds great!
  3. Nope. Buffalo actually would have been my chance, but it's still hours away and I never get a chance to travel much. Would have had to haul it after school and then back right away. Would have been worth but I was at both East Rutherford shows so I'm set until next spring!
  4. Yep, just us Americans and our strange ways. Or inability to come up with a name for American football so we changed the name of real football instead.... Anyway, it's just about showtime!
  5. No, Max you brought up the s word.... ? Kidding, college is fun
  6. Hi everyone! It's another beautiful day to hear U2 play live!
  7. Is this the first night without Miss Sarajevo? I was hoping for a new song too. But great night either way! The boys sound great! And as usual, Bono provided inspiring words for the latest disaster and leaves us all feeling like there is still good in the world.
  8. I hope Exit sticks around. Now I won't be able to get "hold out your hand" out of my head ?
  9. I love how Bono swings on the microphone here! This is possibly the coolest song of the night. Exit is so amazing live.
  10. A week before I heard One Tree Hill live I lost a friend suddenly. Made me think of him.
  11. I'm not even there and I'm actually crying right now ? Love this so much.
  12. Dirty Old Town is playing over the speakers! Haven't heard that since Larry sang it on the Zoo TV Tour lol.
  13. Vertigo3333

    Rumours about *SOE* !!! (MERGED)

    Noon time in NYC! That clip sounds amazing! I can't wait!
  14. Vertigo3333

    Have to Count - the new and improved one :P

    40,562 Oops sorry lol, it's part of America's East Coast! It refers to the New York, New Jersey, and Connecticut states most commonly, which is where I am from, but there are other groups of three states that people call a tri-state. Usually we see hotter weather in August and it's a relief to me that Fall has come early!
  15. Vertigo3333

    Rumours about *SOE* !!! (MERGED)

    AHHHH!!!! They literally did that like right after my last post lol, thanks for proving me wrong boys!!!
  16. Vertigo3333

    Have to Count - the new and improved one :P

    40,546 Thankfully the heat and humidity seems to have been chased away from the tri-state area. There's rain for this first day of my senior year (college) but I'd rather have that than the heat.