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  1. I would also say that if someone sends an ID like this that 1) he can't sign it as "Bono" when that's not the printed name and 2) it looks like a photo-shopped picture, especially if you look around his ears and top of head. Definitely if anyone else gets an ID like this, do not take that as proof, there are criminals who professionally make fake IDs for whoever wants one so it's not a leap to think they would do it to try to fool people into believing they are a celebrity. 

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  2. 10 hours ago, keyo32198 said:

    I' m so incredibly ashamed and emberesed embaressed but I have tp tell my story to protect other U2 fans. I have been a U2 fan since I was 14 1985. I am a bright educated woman but I got scammed.

    On Instagram "The Edge" approached me. At first I thought it was too good to be true but then I got  sucked in. And by the way it was too good to be true. He promised me a meet and greet but talked to me a while before he hooked me. This man is very very believable. There is also a multiple fake Bono's but one that is working with this Fake Edge.  There Instagram names are _u2.bono_ and the other is u2.Edge_. This person impersonating the Edge went as far as having his "Assistant" Send me a "Meet and Greet" invitation it all looked very official to me. There were red flags for sure but as a fan of 34 years I so wanted it to be true. To date this man has gotten $5.000 out of me! $5,000! I am so ashamed and I am not a wealthy woman. If anyone has any questions regarding these two people and the interactions I had I am more than happy to share my experiences. I don't want this to happen to anyone else. I did meet a lovely woman from another country that had thousands taken from her,. There are multiple fake Bono's. One of them contacted me about donating to a secret foundation in Brazil and was extremely pushy. Then another Fake Edge immediately sent me a nasty message. after I told the other fake Bono that there is no such foundation. I have met a nice fan  on Instagram that is from another country who has also had thousands of dollars stolen from her. There are so many victims out there.

    Bono, Edge, Larry, Adam if you ever read these threads please know this is the most painful thing I have ever gone through.

    Please everyone on social media be careful. I am more than willing to answer questions if anyone has any.


    God Bless,



    Fake Edge Instagram Profile.JPG

    Fake Bono Passport.JPG

    I'm sorry you were scammed like that keyo. All of these accounts really need to be removed, I can't believe they have so many followers and get away with scamming money out of us fans like this. But I had to double take, that is the Bono passport the other fake Bono sent me! I am sure of it! I wouldn't be surprised if it's one person or a group of them working together with these fake accounts. 

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  3. On 3/25/2019 at 4:08 AM, clemmie_mandarin said:

    Same here! I wonder if it's because they don't each have a separate, official Instagram account, but just the one U2 account. When reporting I had to submit the official account that the paul_david_hewson_u2 account was impersonating and potentially Instagram doesn't see it as a violation because there is no official Bono account? Anyway, we tried, and they might reconsider when enough people report him. Can't believe he showed you a fake ID by the way....

    That's what I figure too. I have a feeling it isn't an actual person comparing accounts most of the time but just software, it's easy enough to catch accounts that totally copy posts from whoever they are impersonating, but when this guy is not doing that then he can't be caught so easily. And also because you have to report the official U2 account. 

    I only wish I had thought to take a screenshot of it! That would certainly give more reason to suspend that account, and prove that I'm not making it up (which I really am not). But I was so offended that someone went that far that I just told him that must be a fake and he deleted it right away and blocked me. Hopefully others report this and Instagram figures it out. 

  4. On 3/23/2019 at 9:22 AM, mich40 said:

    Report as “inappropriate” and that will take you through a few comments, which will include “this person in impersonating someone”. 

    So much for that, Instagram decided that the paul_david_hewson_u2 account is not violating community guidelines. I called him out on the fake ID and got blocked before I could screen capture it 😆. I ended up not reporting the other because it’s public posts look more like a fan page, but users should still be wary if that page contacts them. 

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  5. On 3/10/2019 at 1:50 AM, dmway said:

    ...and a fun photo before bed.

    Their “Adam” managed to insinuate himself while “Edge” was playing keyboards. It was very amusing.😆

    Mote later after rest...



    I saw this entire situation happen 🤣 It was actually "Edge's" doing - "Adam" stood right next to him and suddenly "Edge" shoved him in front of the keyboard and put his arms around him to play the keyboard. The look on "Adam's" face was hilarious 🤣 These guys really are great, and they always look like they have so much fun doing this!

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  6. 2 hours ago, dmway said:

    Now, shopping with U2 would be cool! ? I hope that happens for you someday - if U2 can have a contest to play mini-golf with them, they could possibly have a shopping excursion contest! ? 

    Maybe your subconscious mind remembers what wisdom Bono shared with you, and you’ll act on it accordingly. Or he might have just said, “See more U2 shows!” ?? (Said in the manner of “Watch More TV”, but more seriously.) ?

    Yes! Omaze should do that next year - Shopping with U2, and get your own rock star wardrobe! ? And I'm sure Bono's wisdom was an echo of what I have many people telling me now (including you!) - That everything will work out! It just took hearing it from my favorite frontman to get through to me ? I did wake up feeling very calm - You know when Bono speaks in his serious voice that he is very assuring!

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  7. Well I had a U2 dream a few nights ago but got so busy I forgot to post it! So some details are definitely missing, but this is the best I can remember...

    I was in a shopping mall - like a Macy's or something, it was similar to the mall I've been going to my entire life but also had some elements of one I visited in New Orleans. All four band members were there! Most of it was me walking with Larry and Adam, discussing something important that I can't remember but may have been related to certain major events going on in my life right now (starting graduate school and moving out on my own), and then Bono and Edge were ahead of us generally playing around and trying on hats. At some point in changed to just me and Bono, but I don't remember what was said. I think it was one of those dreams where you know a conversation is going on but can't really hear all the words clearly, but it seemed to be all deep conversations and me receiving advice. 

    Of course I woke up wishing I could go back! 

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