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  1. On 3/10/2019 at 1:50 AM, dmway said:

    ...and a fun photo before bed.

    Their “Adam” managed to insinuate himself while “Edge” was playing keyboards. It was very amusing.😆

    Mote later after rest...



    I saw this entire situation happen 🤣 It was actually "Edge's" doing - "Adam" stood right next to him and suddenly "Edge" shoved him in front of the keyboard and put his arms around him to play the keyboard. The look on "Adam's" face was hilarious 🤣 These guys really are great, and they always look like they have so much fun doing this!

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  2. I would also say that there won’t be a trilogy exactly... If it’s called “Songs of Ascent” then it might be in name but I think the theme and tour would be totally separate from SOE and SOI. I’d love to hear something that’s like a reinvention if their ‘90s albums, maybe they could take some inspiration from an anniversary tour. But I think even if they do look back for inspiration that a new album would still be different. Either way I’m looking forward to it! 

  3. I also heard the rumor (I don't know where this person got his info, but it's usually from reliable sources) of signing a new contract with Live Nation that goes through 2028. An Achtung Baby anniversary tour and at least 1, but maybe even 2 or 3 new albums would be possible in that time. It's very exciting but I won't believe it until a more credible source comes out with it! But I pray that it's true because then I'll get to see lots more U2 ?

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  4. There isn't any way to authorize someone else to attend? I had Will Call tickets and I believe there was an option to add an authorized person on Ticketmaster so someone else could pick up the tickets. I didn't need to do that because I was there and I picked up my tickets from the U2 VIP people though so I'm not sure if it works the same way. It would definitely help if there was a way to basically transfer the tickets to someone else, and just have that person show ID and not necessarily the CC used for the purchase. Or if it's the case of kids they should accept a family member (i.e., child) and not only the parent who bought the tickets.