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  1. Ok so my husband and I spent the whole day with a really sweet couple of people at the concert at fed ex field. We qued up with them from the beginning for the GA standing room. I was 316 in line and they were 314/315. We spent the whole concert with them too. But I'm really annoyed because I didn't get their info before we left. All I know is they were super cute. The girl was from West Virginia and he was from Winchester. And so I'm hoping to find them. Can anyone help me? She was wearing a black top with a stripy floppy hat, he wore a baseball cap and had a new Honda SUV. It's killing me that I don't know who they are as they were so sweet. I think her name was Christie or chrissie ? Help me please?!!!! This is the only picture I have of them, this is the back of their heads when we were walking in to the fed ex field venue. Please help me!!!! Can anyone help me?
  2. @mogreenman i will be driving in and seen as though i can't join the line until my hubby gets there i'm not sure what time to drive in now, to get there for 8am or wait till the kids are dropped off. Last time in New York when we saw them you got in line with the fan group they numbered you and wrote down your name.
  3. I am planning on being there for 8am, but my hubby won't be able to get there until after at say around 10am. Can i not get in line and then have him join me in the line as soon as he arrives? My kids are still in school so he has to take them to school first and we live in Herndon va so traffic will be a nightmare. Can you please let me know if he can join me in line? i don't want to be at the concert and not be able to be with my hubby if he's only coming a couple hours after me
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