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  1. Red Zone for Phoenix, dont have any problems at ticketmaster, first sign on the site, thank u to all here in the forum, modders, U2 thx a lot !!
  2. Just wait for an email that have a CUPON number, then login at U2, and choose the same package, then at u2fanfire cart use the coupon, and ur balance will be $0, confirm, logout U2.COM, trash cookies, re-login at U2.com and voila !! this is the email that u may have receive: This coupon allows you to subscribe to U2.Com and when you've done and logged-in as a subscriber, we will send you a copy of the North Side Story: U2 In Dublin, 1978-83 Lavish, 274-page publication. Definitive account with rare photos & interviews. Limited Edition.<br><Br> Pre-sale ticket access when the band go on tour.... and you'll receive unlimited access to U2.Com for one year. All you have to do is go to http://www.u2.com/service/subscribe/ Choose your username and complete the Subscriber information. After confirming your address, enter this unique GIFT SUBSCRIPTION CODE once in the shopping cart. --> NXXXXXXXX........ <-- Click Check Out and your balance in the cart will show as $0.
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